Building a long-lasting partnership

Three models of trust, for you to choose:

  • Brainsquare managed services: your guarantee for stability and continuity.

    Brainsquare implements around the clock support, executing your goals and maintaining the quality of your IT delivery at all times. We guarantee stability and continuity and will mobilize all resources and competencies necessary. We are a backbone of trust and security in your fast-moving business and IT landscape.

  • Brainsquare co-designs, co-develops, and co-manages: a partner for your strategic integration goals.

    You have a goal and roadmap; we help you achieve it. As a dependable partner that is there for the long run, whether it is to integrate existing IT systems, merge entities, rationalize and cut costs. Together, we build a balanced team with the right competences and located in the right regions. We co-create based on your roadmap.

  • Brainsquare’s experts help you solve an integration challenge.

    You have an integration challenge, and you call on us to help you solve it. Knitting two systems together, merging two installations, integrating a new entity… Our people are experts and we have a wealth of experience with complex integrations. This is how your partnership with Brainsquare often starts.


This is how we can help

Application development

Application development

We design your critical applications. Future-proof, cost-effective and giving you a competitive advantage.



We integrate your enterprise applications, connecting systems, APIs, devices across your organization. In a secure, scalable, and flexible way.


Collaboration tools

We implement the tools to boost your seamless, worldwide collaboration. Across your organization’s teams and domains.