Strategic co-sourcing

It’s commonly called co-sourcing, but we add a positive twist: Brainsquare always starts out with the intention to become your trusted partner for the long haul.

That is why – from day one – we work to understand your business, your needs and goals in the short, medium and long term. Building a long-term collaboration and partnership.

That is also why – from day one – we play our trump card: the human factor. Brainsquare believes in positive engagement between people, based on trust and integrity. This, we have seen over and over, leads to a sustainable, results-driven culture. No matter how short or how long we co-source.

Bringing in experts

Our people include seasoned experts, veterans of critical integration projects. We have teams the world around, ready to blend in with your teams and build solutions that meet your goals and timelines.

The solutions our people will propose and implement are never quick fixes or band-aids. They include sound security, resilience, and scalability. Therefore, we can guarantee that we never offer a solution that we wouldn’t want to support for the long haul.

Building long-lasting partnerships is what makes us unique. It’s what we notice over and over again if we look at our customers and consider how our relation evolved and deepened over the years. It’s what many of our customer stories bear witness to.