Our values

This is what motivates us to go the extra mile

  • Putting the human factor first

    We believe in real human contact as a basis for positive outcomes. We meet everyone eye-to-eye, with the intention of building strong, mutually supporting partnerships. With our customers, but also among our teams and employees. As a company, we are committed to being inclusive and diverse; we treat people as we expect them to treat us.

  • Integrity and reliability are key

    Being humans, we trust and want to be trusted. This is the basis of any long-term commitment. Brainsquare is always in for the long term, be it among ourselves or with you, our customers. That is why being reliable and truthful is always top of our mind.

  • We embrace challenges and opportunities

    We are resilient, determined to solve challenges and overcome setbacks. Determined also to learn from every single experience, using it as inspiration to become better people and to become a better company.

  • We are lifelong learners

    Everyone at Brainsquare is a lifelong learner. It is in our blood to try and be on top of our field, to use that knowledge to bring solutions and services to our customers that will serve them for a long time in the future.

  • 25+

    Years of

  • 250+


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A global network of experts

  • Dallas, USA
  • Zaventem HQ, Belgium
  • Navi Mumbai HQ, India
  • Navi Mumbai, India
  • Hyderabad, India
  • Mumbai, India

We started building Brainsquare
8.940+ days ago

  • 1998

    Brainsquare, the start

    Brainsquare is founded with a vision of creating better, smoother data integration and process automation for companies. To that end, it offers best-in-class solutions and project teams, based on a firm commitment and a sense of ownership.

  • 2003


    Montova is launched as a B2B integration solution, conceived and grown out of our many projects and experiences with customers. Montova’s goal is to automate and facilitate communication between companies and organizations through a plug-and-connect solution.

  • 2009

    India First Office

    The start of our office in Mumbai (India) allowed us to start offering global, 24/7 support and development. It was key for our international managed services.

  • 2015

    US First Office

    Our branch office in New Jersey (USA) allowed us to further complete the 24/7 support and managed services cycle and become a player on the American market.

  • 2016

    India Second Office (Navi Mumbai)

    As Brainsquare kept on growing, we started a second office in India. With the new location, we could also reach more valuable candidate employees.

  • 2017

    US Second Office (Dallas Texas)

    Our second office in the USA was opened in Dallas, Texas. Dallas was attractive for us as a dynamic region with many potential employees and customers.

  • 2018

    Sweden (Goteborg)

    Following a demand from Swedish companies and because of the strong regional dynamism, we set up office in Goteborg (Sweden).

  • 2019

    China (Shanghai)

    Our new Shanghai office serves to support our clients in China.

  • 2020


    Brainsquare launches a new service after experiencing a growing need with its customers. Auditry is an automated SAAS solution to support audit and governance processes.

  • 2022

    India Third & Fourth offices
    (Mumbai and Hyderabad)

    To be able to cope with a very strong growth of our services, Brainsquare opens two more offices in India. Like Mumbai, Hyderabad also has a renowned university, key to attracting the most talented people for our workforce.