How we partner with you

Integrating applications requires a thoughtful process.
This is how we may go about:

  • Step 1: Studying your needs

    First, we establish which systems and applications need integrating, and what the short-term and long-term goals are.

  • Step 2: We model the integration

    Together, we examine security and scalability needs. Brainsquare’s experts will point to potential pitfalls and propose solutions.

  • Step 3: Building together

    Once we’ve agreed on the best-fit solutions, we’ll implement and test in an agile way. Continuously checking in with you and adjusting.

  • Step 4: Sticking together

    Every solution we propose is one we’re glad to support for the long run. We’re ready to extend the integration to other applications and to offer support for our solutions.

Our Application Integration Services

This is a sample of our many integrations services

  • Enterprise Integration

    • API Development
    • Data Integration
    • Data Mapping
    • ERP integration
    • CRM Integration
  • Deployment

    • AWS
    • Azure
    • Private Cloud

    using CI/CD pipelines

  • Monitoring

    • SAP PI/PO Monitoring (24/7)
    • Health
    • Availability

    • Performance

    • Flow

Frequently encountered challenges

Challenges you might face and how we can help

  • Can Brainsquare integrate our legacy databases with our new cloud applications?

    Seamless integration is what we’re good at. We’ll build a bridge between any two applications, no matter their age or technology. In addition, Brainsquare will examine any security issues that may arise from transporting legacy data to the cloud.

  • We want to start integrating, but are not sure about future needs and volumes

    Brainsquare will integrate your enterprise applications with an eye on the future. Our solutions will scale depending on your needs.

  • Our business is strictly regulated; can an integration be made secure and auditable?

    ​​​​​​​One of the unique propositions of Brainsquare is that we take security serious. We’ll examine your needs, set up a secure, transparent integration, and point out any pitfalls and solutions we notice along the way