A global and scalable support structure built for your needs.

Because of our offices in Asia, Europe and the US we offer our customers around-the-clock support with a flexible capacity.

Fully managed.

Our support team has their own leadership, own procedures and guidelines, and own productivity tools. This enables them to operate independently.

The guarantee of stability and continuity.

Co-sourcing - not outsourcing is our motto. Combining local expertise with offshore manpower is key. This way we can guarantee your continuous support.

How we get you started

Step 1: We learn how your business works.

Our analysts study the ins-and-outs of your organisation. Based on their findings we deliver a detailed roadmap of priorities and next steps.

Step 2: We gradually take over responsibility of support.

We transfer knowledge and responsibility at a realistic and sustainable pace. A strong foundation provides continuity from the start.

Step 3: We create a vast knowledge base, used to scale quickly.

We register procedures and document issues. This makes it easy to onboard new support engineers quickly when needed.

Let's talk about your business

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Yannick Grossard
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E-mail (yannick@labcast.be)
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+1 908 272 7000 (3222)

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