How we partner with you

Collaboration runs through our veins. This is how ours might look like:

  • Step 1: Studying your needs

    Our services are tailor-made, fitting the needs of your business. So naturally, we start by taking a look at your needs and current situation and figuring out where we can add value.

  • Step 2: Thinking together

    We want to meet your expectations, of course. But we’d be even happier if we can exceed them. With solutions you maybe hadn’t thought of. Or by uncovering and solving potential blind spots.

  • Step 3: Building together

    Once we’ve agreed on the best-fit solutions, we’ll implement iteratively. Continuously checking in with you and adjusting.

  • Step 4: Sticking together

    We’re in for the long run, building a meaningful and valuable partnership with your organization. Of course, we are just one call away when you need help.

Our Atlassian services

We can help you with, amongst others…

  • Atlassian Custom Automation & Integration

    • Custom scripting

    • Automation

    • Integration with external tools

  • Atlassian Tool Migration

    • Merge tools

    • Migrate on-premises to cloud

    • Migrate on-premises to on-premises

    • Migrate cloud to cloud

  • Atlassian License Management

    • License renewals

    • License purchasing

    • License upgrades or downgrades

    • Discounts and promotions

  • Atlassian Tools Upgrade Support

    • Frequent upgrade service

    • Ad-hoc upgrades

Frequently encountered challenges

Challenges you might face and how we can help

  • Can I migrate my Atlassian tools to Atlassian Cloud?

    Definitely! We’ll help you determine the best strategy and the most cost-efficient solution. If you have multiple on-premise instances, you might even cut costs by combining them in Atlassian Cloud. We handle the full migration for you and support you through any issues you may encounter.

  • I have two different Jira instances. Can they be merged?

    Yes, they can. Our migration support includes merging two or more Jira instances. Merging data is a complex process though, and it requires paying attention to details. But thanks to our experience in migration and merging, we know what is critical and how we can prepare properly.

  • Do you also offer managed services for Atlassian?

    Would you prefer to have your Atlassian suite managed by certified experts? From setting up your tools according to best practices to supporting new and existing teams with any help they need? Brainsquare is here to assist! With managed services tailored to your requirements and needs.