Collaboration tools, such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and others offered by Atlassian, make worldwide teams and processes more efficient and cost-effective. Implementing and managing these tools is one of Brainsquare’s key strengths. As a longstanding Atlassian partner, we have extensive experience in leveraging them to create value for our customers. For 2024 and beyond, we look at the trends with Jorden Van Bogaert.

Jorden is Atlassian Service Delivery Manager at Brainsquare, responsible for the Atlassian footprint and expertise at Brainsquare. He also matches our customers with the most suitable Brainsquare experts, ensuring optimal value for your investment.

A challenging market, calling for cost efficiency

Today, companies grapple with significant geopolitical challenges and uncertainties. Many now operate in an economically fragile market environment and are focusing on cost efficiency. For 2024 and beyond, we anticipate even greater scrutiny with regards to IT footprints and tools, and an even greater focus on maximizing value with the tools at hand.

As a trusted IT service provider for its partners, Brainsquare is used to making cost-value exercises. Exercises, for example, look at the various Atlassian tools and licenses in use and ways to combine and optimize them. We foresee a growing demand for this expertise, and we stand ready to engage with companies that are looking to do this cost-value exercise.

Migrating to cloud services, creating value and security

For some time now, Atlassian has been urging customers to migrate its tools from server-based to cloud and data center installations. In 2023, Brainsquare led a number of such migrations for its customers, including a successful enterprise cloud migration scaled for over 3000 active users. Migrations like these can be complex and often require extensive customizations. But they are also an opportunity to review and optimize the Atlassian tools and environment, tackle possible inefficiencies, and start to profit from the many advantages of cloud installation.

In 2024, Brainsquare remains ready to offer guidance on cloud migrations and implementation services for those who have yet to make the transition. The end of Atlassian server support in February 2024 might have caused some companies that are still working server-based to opt for a data center solution. While this may seem like the simplest and quickest migration option, our experts believe that cloud migration offers more opportunities for maximizing value, including the integration of AI.

If you have any questions or want to discuss Atlassian installation and migrations in your organization, don't hesitate to atlassian [at] (contact us) today!

Artificial intelligence at your doorstep

2023 was the year Artificial Intelligence appeared on everyone’s radar. It captured our imagination, and early adaptors showcased its potential to drive innovation and optimize processes. 2024 and beyond will see the real breakthrough of AI, where companies worldwide will start integrating AI tools.

Today, Atlassian's cloud-based solutions already incorporate AI capabilities, bringing the power of AI to all customers’ fingertips. With Atlassian Intelligence, they promise to accelerate work, extract valuable insights from data, and facilitate quicker decision-making. As part of its offering and support, Brainsquare is ready to unlock and harness the full power of Atlassian Intelligence for its partners.

Excellent Managed Services get the edge out of maintenance and costs

Managed services for Application Development & Integration are an ideal match with Brainsquare’s vision of setting up long-term trusted partnerships with its clients and partners. Using our experience with managed services, we've also tailored managed solutions specifically for Atlassian platforms.

Last year, we set up a managed services solution for an enterprise customer, supporting over 5000 Atlassian users. Before, we invoiced our effort based on time and material, but now we offer this customer predictable, all-in fixed price service for what is one of the most comprehensive solutions in the market. This includes guidance, implementing new features, governance and security, optimization, and worldwide 24/7 support.

In 2024, we plan to further extend and optimize our Atlassian managed services offerings, enhancing our visibility in the market. Seeing what is included in the managed services, our goal is to make it a great value-based offering for existing and new customers, meeting the demand for predictable, cost-effective solutions.

Brainsquare in 2024 and beyond – Strengthening Atlassian capacity and expertise

Brainsquare has considerably expanded its team of experts with Atlassian Cloud certifications. Additionally, we have strengthened our relationship with Atlassian Partner Managers and Enterprise Advocates over the year, and to make present and future partners more aware of Brainsquare’s growing Atlassian capacity and expertise, we have been actively promoting our brand awareness. This is in line with what we anticipate for 2024 and beyond: increased demand for our experts who can deliver effective value using collaboration tools.

For 2024, Brainsquare will further expand its Atlassian managed services, both in the number of managed installations and the support offered. We will concentrate, among others, on achieving Atlassian Specialization, a program to acknowledge Atlassian’s most advanced partners. Atlassian Specialization Partners have rigorous requirements within one of these three specific solution areas: Agile at Scale, Cloud, and ITSM. We are armed with the right resources and knowledge, and we are ready for the journey ahead.

We are in a period of change, shaped by delicate geopolitical situations and a resulting fragile market, compelling companies to focus on cost efficiency. A thoughtful migration of collaboration tools to the cloud combined with expertly implemented managed services goes a long way to get the angle out of ownership and maintenance costs. Coming into 2024, Atlassian Intelligence, part of Atlassian’s cloud offering, promises even more gains. To harness these for its customers, Brainsquare is steadily expanding its capacity and expertise.

You wonder if any of these tools, migrations, or services might help you streamline your operations or optimize your IT costs. We stand ready to explore the opportunities with you. Contact us today at atlassian [at] (atlassian[at]brain2[dot]com).