Collaboration Portals

Automation isn't the only strategy to improve efficiency and quality in your process. By allowing and embracing suppliers, customers and other stakeholders into your business flow, you can achieve many benefits.

Less administration, leaner processes and aligned view on data are just a few of those.

Our Collaboration Portals offer you the tools to realize this: built on a common solid technical base, we customize portals to fit your needs.
As a cloud solution, they can be set-up in a modular way so a quick start (and win!) is possible.

Ready to use, available modules, combined with our expertise and made-to-measure development make it easy to setup and to customize it perfectly to your needs.

Our Supplier Collaboration Portals are a big part of our portals,  involving suppliers improves order management and transport management processes amongst others.
Another business case are our Claims Collaboration Portals, allowing insurance companies to align and speed up the claims handling process through aligning insurance brokers into the process.