Application development

Thanks to the in-house development of our solutions, we have extensive expertise in various technologies, such as .NET and Java.

Applying proven and mature development tools (such as Maven and Jenkins), our consultants offer you technical excellence in a proven development framework.
Thanks to all this in a hands-on approach and with the business knowledge built at our customer assignments, we can help you with your own projects.

Our employees are encouraged and trained to have the up-to-date knowledge and certifications.

.NET solutions team

With our .NET solutions team we look how we can add to your performance via software solutions. Processes are translated in portals, allowing people access to certain and defined information.

The .NET framework provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model and a common set of APIs spanning Microsoft platforms. From client devices like desktop PCs and smartphones, to the public and private cloud, .NET enables your business to build applications that work the way you want, using a common set of tools across software, services, and devices.

Many businesses count on .NET's technology framework to provide the security advancements, management tools and updates when they need to build, test, and deploy highly reliable and secure software.

We build custom applications for our customers from scratch, most of the applications are business critical and used to support the core processes. Ranging from applications supporting production and assembly process to complex quotation tools. The solutions can be found cross industry. We use C# .NET and the Microsoft Visual Studio to build business critical applications for many industries.

JAVA solutions team

We build solutions for customers from scratch using industry-standard JEE APIs and frameworks. This process starts off with capturing the requirements, and writing a functional analysis.  After approval from the customer, we distill a technical analysis from the functional analysis, and we start development.

As we believe one's never too old to learn, the developer team gets a big say in the technologies about to be used. And we've standardized on Maven, so every developer even gets to use their favourite IDE.

Using our very own middleware we help our customers connect their various business applications and machines in a bus-like fashion. This middleware connects to a host data stores and other services to exchange messages, while translating formats where needed. To make all message-exchanges as secure and as trackable as possible, we use message queueing extensively.