Managed services approach

Quality support at a cost-efficient price is our goal and our "smart" support model enables this: we provide a 24/7 support model, in a layered and international setup.

Thanks to our international business model, with an offshore branch in India, we can offer customers around the clock support. Many customers, for example in e-business, need high availability and support: we have the means to be there for you whenever you need us.

Our philosophy is a layered one, where we distinguish 3 levels of support in order to cover everything from basic requests and issues to the most advanced or complicated calls and demands. This helps us process requests more efficiently so the right task is done by the right person at the right time.

Rather than outsourcing, we believe in co-sourcing: combining local expertise with offshore manpower and knowledge. Locally we monitor SLAs and KPIs to ensure the quality of our services and monitor workload capacity in relation to demand.

In our view, a good understanding and engagement with the local business is mandatory in order to make IT support around these processes work.