The renewed myMontova portal

In January 2016, we launched our completely renewed myMontova portal. We went for a clean and lean design, making it responsive.
Of course, we kept all existing functionality such as access to message archives and the ability to download software.
More importantly we implemented various new features. Our first goal was to make monitoring easier for customers, enable analysis and give customers more control.
Further down the line, we will leverage the large number of companies already connected to our cloud :  we aim to make new connections and find business opportunities through Montova a smooth process.  

Some highlights of the new portal:

  • The new dashboard offers an intuitive graphical insight of your message flows. This way, you can distinguish patterns in your message flows and helps you steer and optimize your connections. 
  • Self-control over your portals is vastly enhanced :  now you can edit your organization's information, administer own users (including security settings), and keep track of the status of your connection requests.
  • Security is now both easier and better protected : logon now offers a two-factor authentication option and the certificates from the previous myMontova are no longer necessary.

Many more new functionalities and options will be added to myMontova : keep a close look at this page where we will announce any new developments !