Our people - our culture - our organisation


We invent, we implement, we make the best of complex IT challenges.

Our customers are provided with professional services and a high degree of expertise. It is with this goal in mind that we do development and provide infrastructural services.

Our IT company combines commercial products with our own offerings to arrive at tailor-made solutions.

Brainpower is our primary asset and the key to any project's success. You could consider us a techie company, staffed by consultants, engineers and developers who haven't lost sight of the excitement in IT.

Working for Brain² means enjoying a high degree of freedom in how you arrive at solutions and benefit from mastering a wide array of technologies.

Aside from our serious side there is tons of fun. Every quarter a company gathering takes place, sometimes formal, sometimes just for entertainment, for sharing information like our company vision, new projects... but always for socialising.

A couple of times a year "pizza sessions" are organised to divulge acquired knowledge, share training experience or simply flaunt your newest project.

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